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If you’re done with the struggles, overwhelm, and cookie-cutter bullshit diet recommendations that are stopping you from reaching your health goals and living your best life…




She’s there. You see glimpses of her from time to time, but she’s tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated. She’s tired of being sold BS health advice from fitness models, celebrities, and a broken health care system.

You’re smart, savvy, and experienced. You KNOW that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. You know that cookie-cutter diet, fitness, and weight loss programs just don’t work — at least not long term, and you don’t have the time or energy to make changes that won’t stick. You want real weight loss, real results, and you want them to last.

Are you tired of struggling on restrictive diets, exercises that leave you famished and exhausted, and conflicting studies day after day on the news about what is or isn’t healthy?

Are you ready to ditch the frustration and insanity around your health, to release limiting beliefs and past experiences and to learn how to approach your health from a balanced and steadfast approach?

It is possible to eat healthy food, exercise sensibly, and take exceptional care of yourself while also living a balanced life and enjoying what you eat, do, and experience.



My signature Bold, Brave, Badass coaching program was designed just for you, the woman who knows there’s a better way and is ready to approach health and fitness in a whole new way.

Imagine what it would be like….

  • To have clarity and a clear direction with your health and fitness goals
  • To have the support you need to take charge of your health in a way that is best for YOU
  • To let go of past mistakes and beliefs and KNOW that you’re doing what’s right for your body and your health
  • To feel confident, proud, and excited about your present and future health
  • To never have to try another fad diet or exercise trend to shed a few pounds
  • To experience lasting weight loss success
  • To decrease your odds of getting those chronic health conditions you’re concerned about
  • To be able to eat out at a restaurant with confidence and clarity
  • To let go of calorie counting
  • To feel like your hormones are in balance
  • To have more energy and vitality
  • To feel excited about your health and your future

Introducing the Bold, Brazen, Badass Health Coaching Program

Embrace your body, your health, and well being — discover how a health coach can be a powerful tool that supports you to find a healthy eating plan that works for YOU and YOUR BODY.

I believe that women over 40 deserve better health. I believe that food is medicine, that nutrition is the foundation of health and that your body is designed to move.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by information and choices, and by diet programs that just don’t work for you, and you’re ready to feel confident and empowered by your healthy choices, then you’re in the right place.

Bold, Brazen, Badass Health Coaching Program with Me, The Renegade Nurse, is for women who are ready to embrace their health and their future health with confidence and courage. If you’re ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle though manageable lifestyle changes designed to support your unique goals, body, and current health then keep reading…

Bold, Brazen, Badass health coaching program empowers you to:

  • Embrace manageable lifestyle changes that make you feel confident and proactive
  • Finally enjoy eating and getting healthy at the same time!
  • Release frustration and overwhelm
  • Celebrate the body that you’re in today and create the health that you want for your future

If you desire to live a life where good health and health habits are easy and your life feels balanced and in line with your goals. then you belong in this program.

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Meet Annette, The Renegade Nurse


I created Bold, Brazen, Badass health coaching because after years of personal health challenges, nursing patients with chronic disease, and private health coaching, I realized a few consistent themes are working against women.

We’re bombarded with images and promises that keep us insecure, confused, and inconsistent with our health habits. One day you’re told that fat is good for you and the next day you’re told that it’s bad. As a nurse and a health coach, I embrace an evidence-based practice that takes a deep look at health studies and gets to the heart of what actually works and what doesn’t.

We’re NOT THE SAME! What works for me may not work for you. What works for you may not work for your friend.

Everyone starts from a different place and has different needs and goals. This is why cookie cutter diet programs don’t work. They don’t take into account your DNA, your current lifestyle, and your personal needs and goals.

Motivation Varies. Your health and fitness goals are your own, and what motivates you may be different than what motivates someone else. I help you find your true motivation so that making change to your lifestyle is easy and you feel empowered rather than challenged and restricted.

Support and Accountability, Guidance and Knowledge. These four characteristics are difficult to find in a friend, a doctor, or a family member. You can find them individually in the people around you, but only a health coach can provide all four. Is a health coach necessary for success? No. Will you get to where you want to be faster and more easily? Yes.


What Others Have to Say:

You make it all so doable, Annette. Thank you.” – Jeanie

“Thank you! Hah. I’ve never had anyone use such positive language with me :)”

“I needed that today. Such a wonderful reminder.” -Mara

“This…This is what I need to remember. Thank you.” -Nicky

“I very much needed this today.”

“These little motivational posts help me every day! Thank you!!” -Lindsay

“I really appreciate you taking time to meet with me yesterday. Having a personalized plan is exactly what I have been looking for. You made me feel listened to and understood. Thank you.”


*  *  *  *  *

Personalize Health Coaching Designed for YOU:

Coaching topics are personalized for your specific needs, goals, and situation. Topics can include:

  • Determining your ideal diet
  • Creating a weight loss plan that provides consistent and lasting results
  • Finding the right balance of nutrients that works for YOU
  • Developing awareness about your body and how you fuel it
  • Implementing a better self-care routine
  • Improving sleep and beating fatigue once and for all
  • Finding joy in moving your body and embracing fitness
  • Improving your digestive function
  • Optimizing your nutrition for your current health needs and goals
  • Reversing chronic diseases like Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more
  • Preventing chronic disease and to live the long and vital life you desire
  • Feeling healthier and more balanced in your life


Let’s talk!

I’d love to learn more about your health goals and challenges and answer any questions you have. Book a Free Simplified Success Call Today! 

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