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The concept of hiring a coach to help you achieve your health and fitness goals may seem a bit weird, overwhelming, or even silly. I understand. I am a DIY type of person and for many years, I didn’t understand why people would pay good money to hire someone to help them when they could just do it themselves.

The problem is that most people struggle to do it themselves.

It’s really difficult to make life changes, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Society isn’t set up to support your success.

Between stress, time demands, and our own habits and lifestyle, making healthy change can be a frustrating and defeating process. Let me share a little story…

I decided that I wanted to achieve a personal fitness goal. I didn’t know how to go about it, but I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, and tried a variety of things. I quickly came to the conclusion that the only way I was going to achieve this goal was through consistent efforts and some guidance from someone with more experience and knowledge.

I hired a coach.

It was the first time I’d ever taken this step and I figured I’d just give it a try. Maybe three months and then if I wasn’t seeing results, I would stop the process.

Long story short, I stuck with her and she’s been coaching me for 18 months now. I did finally achieve my original goal and the process has been so amazing that I set new goals that she’s supporting me on.

What I Learned from Hiring a Coach

Consistent Efforts Make a HUGE Difference

Regardless of your goals, consistency generates results. Whether you’re striving to achieve a new PR, you want to lose weight, you want to eliminate sugar, start meditating or something else, consistency is what makes a goal a reality. It took me more than a year to achieve my goal and it just wouldn’t have happened without the consistency. I met with my coach every two weeks and each session was a required step along the way.

Accountability Supports Consistency

Life gets in the way of achieving goals. It just does. When you hire a coach, you create an external, and an internal, level of accountability for yourself. There are various levels of accountability created by hiring a coach. Externally, you may want to reach the goals and objectives that they’ve set for you. You don’t want to let them down. Another external goal is the financial output. Coaching isn’t free and when you pay for coaching, you may feel accountability to make your investment worthwhile. Internally, when you hire a coach you’re committing to yourself. You’re making yourself and your goals a priority because you’re setting aside time and energy to this process. It’s powerfully effective.

You Don’t Know Everything

Even if you read a ton, stay on top of all of the latest health and fitness information, you don’t know everything. A coach can fill in the information gaps and help you put the pieces together in a way that supports your success. I’m a Registered Nurse, a health coach, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and I learned something at every single coaching session. I learned new information about health and fitness and I learned more about myself.

Support Makes a Powerful Difference

If you don’t feel a connection with your coach, if there isn’t a relationship that you trust, then you’re working with the wrong coach. When you find a coach that is right for you, you’ll feel supported to achieve your goals. This can be the difference between failure and success. It can be tricky to get the right support from friends and family because change is hard and it’s often frightening. When you have the support of a coach, it makes it all so much easier.

An Objective Observer

Finally, I would add that it is difficult to be objective about your own strengths and weaknesses. A coach can provide that essential objectivity. They can help you work around weaknesses and focus on your strengths to help you achieve your goals.

The Bottom Line

A health coach, in my opinion and in my practice, has three key functions:

To help you…

  1. Get a clear and honest assessment of your current lifestyle and circumstances.
  2. Determine the goals and intentions that best serve you right now.
  3. Identify obstacles to achieving your goals.

If health coaching sounds like it might be the right choice for you, send me a message. We can set up a call to find out if I’m the right coach for you and your health and fitness goals. Whatever your path forward, I support you to take steps to improve your health and well being. You matter!






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