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91 Meal Prep

Meal prepping is one way to control your nutrition. It helps you better stick to a plan and reduces the amount of time you spend trying to figure out “what’s for dinner?” Meal prepping requires you to make ahead or at least prepare ahead so when you get home to make dinner, all you have to do is warm it up or pop it in the oven. 

For example, I like to make a few sheet pans of roasted vegetables on Sunday and to cook a whole chicken in my instant pot. I then have chicken to add to salads, chicken legs to eat, chicken for stir fry…you get where I am going. And the roasted veggies are great for breakfast with an egg on them, lunch on my salad, or as a side for dinner. It’s just easy. 

92 Look At The Menu Before You Go Out

One of the most challenging things about trying to improve your nutrition and eating habits is that when you go out, the menu can be packed with things that you don’t want or need. It’s even more difficult if you have food allergies or sensitivities. 

I like to look at the menu before I go so that I don’t have to spend tons of time trying to figure out how to make a meal work and I know exactly what questions to ask the server if I have any. It just makes going out easier and less stressful. 

93 Take Food With You On Trips

We took a road trip to California a month ago. This was right after a road trip to Colorado. On the Colorado trip our meals consisted of the RX Bars in the glove box, drive thru coffee and gas station items. Not healthy and pretty expensive for the nutritional value it provided. On the California trip I packed a cooler of meats, fruit, cheeses, fizzy waters, and other healthy snacks. It was amazing! We had food for the road and food for the beach and I felt much better by the time we got there. (Of course we did still get the drive thru coffee, because…coffee.)

The point is that you’ll have a better experience when you travel if you’re able to take your own food with you. You won’t have the same degree of jet lag and you’ll feel more energetic and clear headed so you can enjoy your trip. 

94 Create An Organization Routine

A clutter free environment reduces stress. Studies have shown that “clutter can negatively impact mental well-being, particularly among women. Clutter can also induce a physiological response, including increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.” ( Source:

One simple way to begin to reduce clutter and to be a bit more organized is to create simple systems for your life and your home. For example, before a nursing shift I will get my scrubs out of my closet, pack my bag, make my lunch, and make sure that the coffee pot is ready to brew so that a full pot is waiting for me when I wake up. Then all I have to do is get dressed and eat breakfast. I sleep better knowing I am prepared for the shift and I am able to relax in the morning rather than running around trying to get things done. Take a look at the things that cause the most stress for you in your life and see how you can create systems to make them a little easier. 

95 Hang Motivation Where You Can See It

Changing lifestyle and nutrition habits is hard. It’s just freaking hard. It’s one of the reasons why a health coach or an accountability partner increases success rates. It’s important to know WHY you want to change, improve, and get healthier. 

My “Why” is huge and scary. My mother was diagnosed with early onset Dementia and she passed away at 68. This type of

diagnosis has a strong genetic correlation but you can control, to a very large degree, your genetics. You can turn your genes on and off. So my why is avoiding a similar diagnosis. 

Your WHY doesn’t have to be terrifying or huge. Maybe you just want to get a faster 5K PR or maybe you want to lift more in the gym, fit into your clothes again, have more energy, or look better naked. 

Find your “WHY” and write it down. Hang it up in places where you can see it often. Hang your why in your bathroom, on your refrigerator, or on your laptop screensaver. 

96 Create Systems To Track Your Data

It’s literally impossible to know if you’re achieving success unless you’re tracking your information. How do you know if you’re running faster if you don’t track your time? How do you know if you’re “low carb” if you’re not tracking carbs? 

Create systems to track your data. Use a food tracking or habit tracking app. Create a spreadsheet or buy a journal. Your systems don’t matter, what matters is that you use it and you follow through and track. 

97 Plan To Assess Yourself Regularly

Look at your data on a regular basis. Use this information to continue making progress towards your goals. For example, if you are tracking your carbs in an effort to lose weight, balance hormones, and have more energy and you notice that your weekends are higher in carbs than you want them to be, you can make changes to your weekend food plans and lifestyle habits to achieve your goals. Tracking data isn’t enough, you have to look at the information sometimes. 

98 Flip The Switch – Do A Hard Reset

Fasting, cleanses, and 30 day challenges are popular for a reason. And while I don’t support this approach to health, (improving lifestyle habits is more effective), I will admit that sometimes we all just need a hard reset. We need to do a Whole 30 or a Sugar Elimination. We need to fast for a day or two or just eat veggies for a weekend. If you’re tumbling down a dark path of lifestyle habits, a hard reset can help you regain control. 

99 Declutter 

Did you know that clutter causes stress? It does. Studies have shown that a cluttered environment increases cortisol in most people. Guess what? Consistently higher levels of cortisol make you hungry and tired. 

Hit your most cluttered room, create a plan to clean it up, and a plan to keep it clutter free. Gradually work through your home until each room creates a sense of calm instead of stress. 

100 Volunteer

Giving back to this world is part of what makes us happy humans. Find a cause that you believe in and volunteer. Go out, help others, and connect. You’ll live longer, be happier, and make a positive impact on the world around you. 

101 Surround Yourself With People Who Both Support You And Challenge You To Be Your Best Self.

Regardless of your goals in life and in health, when you surround yourself with people who support you, care about you, and challenge you to be your best, you have an 80% higher chance of success. Now these people can be friends, family, or you can hire a coach.

You can also do all three and really live your best life. Wanna change your life? Change your support system first.

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