Let’s be honest and say, upfront, that Paleo and Primal get a bad rap. People assume many things that are just plain wrong. I get this feeling that people picture us standing around eating bacon or chickens by the pound. Sure, I eat some meat, but it’s not the foundation of my diet and anyone who is embracing Paleo or Primal, should eat a MODERATE amount of meat.

The foundation of a paleo or primal diet is vegetables. Here’s the fundamental difference between the two:

Paleo – Vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds, some fruit. No sugar.

Primal – Vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds, dairy, some fruit. No sugar

What is a Moderate Intake of Meat?

Well, honestly there’s enough information on this to write an entire post, and I will, next week. For now, your protein intake should be around .7 grams per gram of lean body mass.

So…if you weigh 260 pounds and you have 33% body fat, your lean body mass is 174.2 pounds

Here’s the math…260x 33% = 85.8 pounds

260 – 85.8=174.2

174.2*.7 = 121.94 grams of protein each day.

Back to our Myth…

Anyone can embrace Primal living. You can be vegan or vegetarian and follow a Primal lifestyle. Meat can be part of your diet but it is never the primary part, veggies are.

This quick video, filmed in my humble home office, while having a bad hair day, can help explain it a little bit more.Enjoy!






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