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In the documentary The Magic Pill, one of the subjects (a woman battling multiple health problems, who decides to go on the Ketogenic Diet to see if it can help her turn her life around) said something that really got to me.

She talked about how as a little girl she was taught to always begin a letter with “How are you? I am fine.” And that last sentence — “I am fine” — became so ingrained in her mindset that she never considered how she really felt. Even as her health became worse and worse, she kept telling people she was fine, and she fooled herself into believing it too.

When a person always says “I am fine,” even when they’re not, they start paying less attention to their real feelings.

They start ignoring their own bodies.

They don’t notice that what they eat impacts their energy levels and how they sleep. They don’t get concerned when the health problems start piling up, along with the medications they might have to take every day. They don’t notice that they just don’t smile anymore or that the feelings they are having are being buried so deep that health problems are inevitable).

This drives me crazy and makes me want to scream, but it also makes me want to cry.

Even though it might not be what you learned as a child, let me be clear: It’s ok to not be fine.

Shit happens. And sometimes really really bad shit happens. There will be times when you’re not fine. You shouldn’t have to lie about it – to yourself or anyone else. When you identify and acknowledge the bad stuff, you can start to find a way to move forward. You can find someone to talk to. You can identify the negative things in your life. You can start to shift your diet and lifestyle (including situations and people) away from things that are making you sick, and towards things that will make you feel healthy and vibrant.

Every day is another opportunity to start down a better path for yourself. If you need someone to help you begin, please feel free to contact me.

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